All you need to know huge Titan – Colossal Titan

All you need to know about huge titan

The Huge Titan (also known as Colossal Titan) is one of the biggest Titans of the anime series “Attack on Titan”. The Huge titan serves as the main villain in the 3 seasons of Shingeki no Kyojin. 

The collosol titan is prominent due to its huge size and overwhelming power. Along with that, it can also make a big blast while transforming into its titan form.

Interesting facts about Huge titan

In the latest episodes, one of the main protagonists, Armin captures it and uses it against Marley. 

Most powerful Titan

It is the fact that Huge Titan is the most Powerful titan in Attack on Titan. Remember? No other than Bertholdt (Collosol titan holder) breaks the great wall of the paradise island. This breach of the wall acts as the starting point of the struggle of Eren and his friends.

The collosol titan emits heat which can stop anyone from getting too close to him. But this emission of heat is done by the muscles of Huge titan.

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Unbelievable size

The Huge Titan is famous for its unbelievably large size. Its huge size matches its great strength. Armin successfully to destroys the naval forces of Marley with only one blow. According to experts, its size is 63 meters. But in some cases, it can reach up to the level of 120 meters.

Initiates the invasion of titans

The story of the invasion of titans starts when the Huge Titan makes a hole in a southern gate of Paradise island, and all brainless titans enter the island.

Collosol titan
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Possessed by Armin

The first inheritor of the collosol titan in the story was Bertholdt. But in the third season, Armin possesses it. In the latest season, Armin even uses its collosol titan to fight across the sea. These fights refresh the memories of Armin about the invasion of his own home by the nation of Marlay.

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The disadvantage for the owner

There are two disadvantages of Huge titan. Its big size makes its movements very slow. Therefore the owner is vulnerable to any attack on Nap. When the owner transforms back to a normal form, he falls from the height.

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