Best Pakistani Dramas of all time (Updated 2022)

Top Pakistani Dramas of all time

Pakistani dramas continue to rule the hearts of viewers around Pakistan and India. Numerous new dramas are aired, and fans cannot get enough of these shows.  Today’s producers and writers are increasing enthusiasm for introducing new plot elements that highlight social problems. The recent top Pakistani dramas have earned a spot in the viewers’ hearts. The reason for this is to highlight issues of society that we do not acknowledge.

The list of top Pakistani dramas is growing, with more names loved and appreciated by a local and global audience each year. Additionally, the debut of fresh actors has created given the opportunity for viewers to feel the diversity.

Are the horizons of the Pakistani drama industry improving? We’d love to hear your opinions about it in the comments section.

Best Pakistani Dramas

We are sure that you’ve come to this page to look for the most popular 10 Pakistani dramas of all time. Let’s look at the overview of which shows were the most successful in Pakistan in these three years. Here is the list of top 22 dramas of Pakistan’s drama history.

  1. Khaani
  2. Raqeeb Se
  3. Dunk
  4. Raqs-e-Bismil
  5. Sinf-e-Aahan
  6. Phaans
  7. Pehli Si Muhabbat
  8. Safar Tamam Hua
  9. Shehnai
  10. Qayamat
  11. Alif
  12. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi
  13. Do Bol
  14. Khaas
  15. Ehd-e-Wafa 
  16. Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb
  17. Yaariyan
  18. Suno Chanda 2
  19. Pyar Kay Sadqay
  20. Parizaad
  21. Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay
  22. Jackson Heights

Khaani – Best Drama

Khanni is no doubt one of the Best Pakistani dramas. Haadi, a boy who hails from a politician’s family, kills a young man. He then falls in love with the sister of the man he kills. All the story revolves around his struggle to get his beloved and repent for the murder he has done.

Khaani was aired in 2017 on Geo entertainment. Feroz khan and Khaani played the role of Haadi and Khaani, respectively. Here is the trailer and OST of Drama Khaani.

An unforgettable Love Story – Raqeeb Se!

A unique love story that turns the life of a settled family upside down. Raqeeb Se is an old-fashioned love story, which has brought famous actors into powerful roles. There’s a lot to discover in this romantic tale, so keep following. Here is the teaser of Raqeeb sa,

A Drama that exposes harassment issues in educational institutes – Dunk!

Dunk is another fantastic drama aired on ARY Digital. The main actors in the drama-based serial Dunk are Nauman Ijaz, Sana Javed, and Bilal Abbas. The plot of Dunk revolves around sexual harassment, but there is a new element included.


Each episode begins an entire chapter, so don’t skip the new episode. You can watch Drama dunk on the youtube channel of ARY. Dunk is available on Youtube.

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Dedication In Pursuing Real Love – Raqs-e-Bismil!

Raqs eBismil Drama is a story of sacrifices to pursue the love of life. When this drama serial aired, the viewers went wild after seeing Imran Ashraf wearing the traditional dress of Pakistan. Fantastic actors such as Sarah Khan, Zara Sheikh, Mehmood Aslam, Anoushey Abbasi Momin Saqib, and Furqan have come together to be the instant biggest show that the season. Raqs e Bismil was produced by Wajahat Rauf.


The drama serial Sinf-e-Aahan boasts an amazing ensemble and one of the top writers in the industry behind the show. The skilled Umera Ahmed wrote the script for the drama. The drama was directed by the equally talented writer Nadeem Baig. 

The Dramas Sinf-e Aahan was created with the assistance and support of ISPR. The title says it all, Sinf-e-Aahan will tell the tale of strong women. It is a crucial narrative that is missing from Pakistani dramas currently. The cast is awe-inspiring and includes major names like Yumna Zaidi and Sajal Ally, Kubra Khan, and Syra Yusef. This show entertains and inspires viewers simultaneously.

Phaans – Best Pakistani Drama

One of the top new shows is Phaans which will air on HUM TV. The drama centers around the relationship’s dark side and the subsequent physical and mental abuse. While we’ve seen many dramas inspired by rape or sexual abuse, this drama demonstrates how lower classes are subject to the pressure of such a scenario. The main actors of this drama are Zara Noor abbas Sami Khan, Ali Tahir, Shahzad Sheikh, and Yashma Gill.

The real magic of love – Pehli Si Muhabbat!

Pehli Si Muhabbat is the love story that keeps you hooked from beginning to end until the very final. The main characters in Pehli Si Muhabbat are Maya Ali, Sheheryar Munawar, and Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY). The story is about how lovebirds have to face the most challenging situations being together for the rest of their lives. It’s a spirited play of expressions. Don’t miss out on it. Watch Pehli Si Muhabbat every Youtube.

Safar Tamam Hua – A Pakistani drama that can stun you

Safar Tamam Hua has been a brand new drama series that will air through HUM TV. Since 1st episode, the show has presented family relations that immediately interest us. Rija was the very first person to catch the attention of viewers. She is fostered in the home of Khala (Samina Ahmed), A woman who has two children of her own, Jamal (Syed Jibran) and Sami (Ali Rehman Khan).

Rija’s father left the family and got married again. She also takes care of Anoushey (Madiha Imam), the brother of her sister’s daughter. The man lives with them but is a singer who was a major participant in “tawaif culture” and stays there both mentally and emotionally. Don’t forget to catch Safar Tamam on HUM TV on youtube.

Shehnai – Top recommendation for romantic comedy lovers!

Amid a myriad of emotional and serious dramas, we’ve added the romantic comedy-drama show Shehnai, which is a delight for viewers. The show is broadcast at ARY Digital every Thursday at 8:08 at 8:00 pm.


Affan Waheed and Ramsha Khan have collaborated in various drama serials, but this one is sure to be memorable. Shehnai Drama has Affan Waheed as Bakht as Bakht, while Ramsha Khan plays the part of Merab.

Qayamat! – Too many cooks spoil the dish


Qayamat is the tale of a youthful and gorgeous girl whose choices in life are influenced by the people who surround her. In the end, the world is turned upside down when the closest people do the same blunder, making her prospects for the future grim. Ifrah, together with her parents and older sister Samra, is part of the middle class that is a firm believer in hard work and integrity. Ifrah, along with Samra’s parents, finds themselves in difficult circumstances when uncle Mukhtar is inquiring about Samra’s marriage proposal for the sake of his son Rashid.

The families accept the proposal without Samra’s consent, however shortly after the wedding, Samra endures abuse by Rashid until she is involved in an unfortunate incident, leaving Ifrah to suffer the devastating consequences. The main cast comprises Ahsan Khan, Neelum Munir Amar Khan, and Haroon Shahid. Make sure to check out the drama series Qayamat each Wednesday at 08:00 pm.

Alif – The meaning of Alif

It is the second drama on our top 10 Pakistani drama lists. This drama is based upon an original novel by legendary most acclaimed author Umera Ahmad. It was one of the most eagerly watched serial of the year, as Umera Ahmad has never disappointed anyone with her stories that stirs emotions. A unique aspect of this show was that Hamza Ali Abbasi had been scheduled to return after a long gap, and many fans believed that If Hamza was present, it would be extraordinary.


The principal cast of the drama comprises Hamza Ali Abbasi Sajal Ali Kubra Khan along Ahsan Khan. The drama serial Alif was written by Haseeb Hasan. The drama’s plot is focused on the spiritual aspect, and that’s the primary draw for viewers. It’s available every Saturday on Geo Entertainment at 08:00 pm.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Most watched drama of Pakistan

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi was such an unforgettable show of the year for viewers. The drama demonstrated that Pakistani dramas could transport viewers out of the realm with stunning direction from Kashif Nisar and a fascinating philosophical plot written by Faiza Iftikhar. The main actors of this drama comprised Iqra Aziz Imran Ashraf and Syed Jibran. Imran Ashraf was an actor called Bhola. His fame reached the apex of immortality.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

You are interested in seeing how the new talent in the drama industry strives to be the best in terms of acting, surely Ranjha Ranjha Kardi provides the perfect example. The blockbuster drama airs by Hum TV, and now you can stream it on YouTube if you have not seen it.

Do Bol!

Do Bol is one of the most-watched dramas in 2019, with a compelling storyline that was a bit different from traditional serials. Even though Hira Mani was not considered one of the top actors in the industry before the drama, and if we say that the show also was a showcase of talent aspect for Hira, she wouldn’t be right. Hira proved that her choice as the lead character on Do Bol was a good choice.

However, Affan Waheed acted normal and amazingly, so the relationship with Gaiti and Badar was an endless delight to viewers. The show aired at ARY Digital, and if you missed it, you could stream the show on YouTube.

Khaas! – Top Pakistani Drama


Khaas is a dramatic serial that has gained much attention with each new episode. It initially appeared to be a standard story like the other makeup and break-up serials. It came out to be something unique about the twists and turns that the author Sarwat Nazir incorporated into the story. Sanam Baloch outshone in a distinct character this time around, and Ali Rehman and Haroon Shahid performed a fantastic job. The drama’s theme covered all the issues related to the disputed marriage relationship that are not usually dealt with. As director of the show, Danish Nawaz brilliantly brings life to each story’s character. The show was broadcast by Hum TV and is now accessible on YouTube. Following the release of the first three seasons, Khass topped the top 10 Pakistani Dramas charts for 2019.


Another new addition to the acclaimed dramas of 2019 is Ehd-e-Wafa which isn’t one of the romance stories but focuses on the amazing adventure of four of their friends. The drama is an ISPR funded, and the focus is on how the four friends work to improve their lives. The main characters in the story are Ahad Raza Mir Osman Khalid Butt Wahaj Ali, and Ahmed Ali Akbar. Ehd-e-Wafa is composed by Mustafa Afridi and directed by Saif Hassan. This show is aired by Hum TV every Sunday at 8:08 pm. You can also view it on PTV Home as well as YouTube.


Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb

Every day, there is always something shown on TV based on something that isn’t in the box or less well-known issues. Hashim Nadeem has been known for his work as one of the most outstanding creators, and Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb is a great piece that proves this.

Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb

The story is filled with tension and is unique as an individual with a split personality disorder, and his marital life is revealed in the series. Zahid Ahmed is the lead part in Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb. Other actors comprise Yumna Zaidi, Sonia Hussain, Zarnish Khan, and Sami Khan.

Yaariyan – How is it like to have a marriage without love

The drama series Yaariyan is also a blockbuster series that aired in the US on Geo TV. It broke all records and attracted a large audience. Ayeza Khan was the main antagonist in the show, and it was a pleasure to watch even viewers from other channels were tuned into Geo. The main cast of the amazing show included Junaid Khan, Ayeza Khan, Muneeb Butt, Hina Bayat, Mehmood Aslam, Moomal Sheikh, and Shagufta Bhatti. The show is gaining attention on YouTube every single day. The script was composed by Samina Ijaz. Syed Wajahat Hussain directed it admirably.

A Bundle of Happiness – Suno Chanda 2!

The blockbuster comedy series for families Suno Chanda has attracted many fans the previous year. This year in its continuity, it broke the record yet again while receiving two awards for being the most viewed comic serial. It was deemed one of the top entertainment programs of the year. The constant frenzied feeling felt by viewers triggered the idea of a sequel to the film after its success in the previous year.

Suno Chanda 2

The main actors of this crisp series are Farhan Saeed, Iqra Aziz, Nadia Afghan, and Farhan Agha. The brand new and exciting addition from Arjumand Rahim, Raza Talish, and Sabeena Farooq contributed to the spicy and sweet comical twists.

Not “Just another” love tale – Pyar Kay Sadqay

Pyar Kay Sadqay is a story about two lovebirds who are not very acquainted with one another at first, but, as you can see from the teaser trailer, they seem to be getting closer over time. The show is a sweet and romantic production. The main cast comprises Yumna Zaidi, as well as Bilal Abbas Khan.

Pyar Kay Sadqay

The other aspect of this story that makes it among the best 10 Pakistani dramas is the character performed by Bilal Abbas Khan. Khan is usually seen in important roles in blockbuster dramas such as ‘Cheekh’ or Balaam.

The other team of this drama is Atiqa Odho, Omair Rana, Yashma Gill, and other actors. You can catch the drama through Hum TV every Thursday at 08:30 pm.

Parizaad – New king for Pakistani Drama lovers

Parizaad is the most-watched and loved the drama of this year. The show is still on through HUM TV. The story features Ahmed Ali Akbar in the leading role, playing a poor, constantly marginalized, and commoner. However, despite this being true, Parizaad is a character with exceptional ability to be loyal, honest, and the desire to learn.

The story follows as Parizaad is brought across many tragic situations that leave him adrift until the final. Yet, he remains the man he was and is rewarded with respect and riches he would never imagine. To view the show, go here.

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay

Another significant drama shown by HUM TV is Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay. The drama marks the return of Mahira Khan, who has been in dramas. The plot revolves around Mehreen, who suffers a difficult life after her father’s passing and an untimely marriage to her mom. The plot develops as the story reveals how Mehreen is misunderstood and disdainful by those she is devoted to. Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay shows that mental health problems are real and that the silence of someone is not the result of blame or guilt if you’d like to see the show go here.

Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights

The story takes place within the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens, New York City. The show focuses on the issues that Pakistanis face when living outside of Pakistan. The main four characters of the show are entangled by issues and their relationships which act as a shackle to live in a harsh world. The glamorous life they imagined before they moved abroad serves as a cautionary tale for those who believe that moving to another country could solve their money issues.

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