Chinese builds public toilets over the demolished Mosque site!

Chinese builds public toilets over the demolished Mosque site!

In northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region authorities have demolished the mosque and built public toilets over the site. This incident took place in the Atush city of the Xinjiang province of China.

According to details, in the Suntang village, a Tokul Mosque was demolished in 2018. Two years later Chinese authorities have erected a public toilet in its place. According to reports, the Uighur neighborhood committee chief revealed that Han comrades of China razed mosque and erected public restrooms over the place. He further said, there is no need for public toilets as the people of the village have toilets at their homes and tourists occasionally visit the site.

Furthermore, some observers believe this mistreatment towards minorities in China is a move to destroy the spirit of Uyghur Muslims. China has no shame in destroying Mosques, as it’s not the first mosque that was demolished in Xinjiang. Previously many Worship places have destroyed in different regions of the country. This is not the single atrocious incident towards minorities, but they are forced to live in an intolerable condition. Moreover, the Chinese authorities have also been accused of ordering forcible abortions of pregnant women belongs to Uyghur Muslims to end civilization.

What is the “Mosque Rectification” campaign?

China is the home of about 22 million Muslims along with 11 million Uyghurs. It’s been a long time since Uyghurs Muslims have been oppressed in China. However, during China’s cultural revolution of 1966-76 due to political disturbance, mosque, and other religious sites have badly damaged.

In 2016, a campaign of “Mosque Rectification” was commenced and the Chinese have destroyed worship places of Muslims under this drive.

Moreover, “a Convenience store” for selling Alcohol and Cigarettes is being placed over the ruins of Azna and Bastaggam mosque. These mosques were had been demolished in 2019.

Furthermore, in Hotan city, another mosque was razed, and authorities have been trying to establish an underwear factory over the site. Whilst sources revealed, in Xinjiang Beijing has destroyed about 10,000 to 15,000 mosques in the last three years. Point to ponder, Chinese authorities have demolished over 70 percent of the mosques in Xinjiang, and it’s a bitter truth that China wants to target the Muslims across the country.

Meanwhile, no human rights associations are standing against this brutal act of Chinese authorities towards minorities of their nation. However, destroying the history and culture of minorities in any society is not justified at any cost.

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