how to get jazz loan – Jazz loan code

how to get jazz loan - Jazz loan code

Are you a Jazz customer and you need loan? It’s not a problem. Follow the steps below to get your Jazz Advance Balance of Rs. 15.

Jazz introduced this service to help customers if they run out of cash and make an important phone call. In this circumstance, the Jazz user can get a balance of their advance loan and utilize it for any use, such as calling anyone, texting, or even subscribing to an internet-connected service.

How to take Jazz Advance loan

  1. Call to dial the Jazz Advance Balance Code *112#
  2. Then, you will be able to access the advance amount of Rs. 15 in your bank account.
  3. Call *112*4# to unsubscribe from this service.
  4. You will only receive the amount you pay in advance, i.e., Rs. 15, up to the time for the subsequent recharge
  5. The service charges are the amount of Rs. 3.5. Therefore, that’s Rs. 18.5 will be deducted on the next recharge.
jazz loan code

Jazz Advance Loan Code

Dial *112# to get Jazz advance loan instantly. This advance credit service gives the loan amount of Rs. 15. To get the balance, the balance on your SIM card should be less than 10 rupees.

Jazz loan

Mobilink Jazz loan is deducted automatically every time you load a new balance on your SIM Jazz card. However, the loan is subject to the standard tax rates. You can use the balance to subscribe jazz other network call package.

 What exactly is a Jazz advance loan, and how to get it?  

Jazz Advance gives you an advance credit of Rs. 15 if your balance falls below the number of Rs. 15.

To receive Jazz Advance, you need to call *112# on the number on your Jazz Prepaid number. You will receive an increase of 15 rupees. 15 to your account if your balance is less than Rs. 15, at any time within the next four hours

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