NADRA online digital payment system

NADRA online digital payment system for everyone

NADRA online digital payment system

A new e-payment system launched by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) could be the solution to all your electronic payment and cash needs.

This achievement was achieved through NADRA’s collaboration with ILink, the largest and fully accredited payment gateway system in Pakistan.

The two organizations have partnered to develop and manage an electronic payment system that will expand NADRA’s already successful e-facility brand.

With the help of this collaboration. NADRA will convert over 17,000 e-facility locations into full-featured ATMs that also offer a full range of electronic payment options.

In addition to transfers, deposits and withdrawals, public-to-government (P2G), government-to-public (G2P) and public-to-public payments (P2P) payments, these will also be points of sale. Can perform other finance functions

NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik and 1Link CEO Najeeb Agarwal signed the agreement Monday at the organization’s headquarters.

In response to this development, Malik said so

NADRA strives to improve e-governance.

Strengthening organizations from the people and

commercial sector through its digital services

He claimed that Nadra’s setup is one of Pakistan’s most innovative digital services for financial payments:

“We are building government capacity to deliver digital public goods and moving towards electronic financial transactions for transparency and accountability. This will also enable financial inclusion.

More than 17,000 e-facilities through this collaboration

Locations managed by NADRA are eligible.

Quadruple the capacity of over 16,500 ILink ATMs worldwide

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