Paper lend method – How to Stop Caring What People Think?

Paper lend method - How to Stop Caring What People Think?

How can I stop caring what other people think? This question used to come to my mind also. I overcame this problem of overthinking, so can you.

How to Stop Caring What People Think?

First of all, you should make yourself believe that you are the only one who can help you best. When you will completely depend on yourself, then you can easily change things according to your own need. It is also said:

“No power is stronger than willpower.”


Why should you stop caring about being judged?

The benefits of not caring what other people think are endless. When you care about what people think, you care about them and their well-being more than you care about yourself.

The Paper lend method

The paper lend method to get rid of overthinking

The paper lend method is a very effective method to stop caring about what others think. As shown from its name, it is a technique in which you lend your negative thoughts and overthinking to paper. But you don’t get the borrowed thoughts.

Step 1: Take a small piece of paper and a pen.
Step 2: Write the thought that is circulating continuously in your mind.
Step 3: While writing keeps thinking that you are lending your tension to the paper.
Step 4: Put that paper in your pocket or bag. Don’t put it away. When you will have it in your pocket, your brain will not make you think about it again and again.
Step 5: You will feel relief as soon as your write on paper.
Step 6: After some hours and put that paper in the trash bin.

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Tips to stop caring about what others think

  1. Keep yourself busy. Do your homework, a house repair, cook food. Do anything that can divert your mind
  2. We Should understand that we are NOT the only people in the world. We must remember that everyone has a lot of work and life. So there are high chances that others will mind your own business and would not care about you.
  3. Maybe what is awkward for you is completely normal for others. So, maybe others don’t care at all.
  4. Don’t think of yourself as different from others. You and I are just common people. So you should not care too much for your self-image.
Tips to stop caring about what others think

In the end, sharing is caring, share your thoughts with your loved one. Sharing your thoughts will not only bring you and your loved ones closer but will also help you to get rid of what others think.

 By following this advice, you can be sure that you will eventually find the answers to your questions about how to stop caring what people think. How to stop overthinking?

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