web scan for linked device

web scan for linked device

web scan for linked device

WhatsApp Web for WhatsApp Web: WhatsApp Web, QR Code Scanner, WA Direct Chat.

Web Scanner for Connected Devices – WhatsWeb for WhatsApp is a complete tool app for everything related to WhatsApp. Whats Web is an app that provides features to scan Whatsapp Web QR codes to run the same WA account on two devices.

This Whats Web for WhatsApp app supports Android 11, Android 10 and Android 12 versions with Whatsweb related features and functions.

WhatsApp Web for WhatsApp Web is a WhatsApp web tool app that provides features to save WA status and videos. You can also reshare your friends’ statuses in your WA account.

Whatsapp Web App for WhatsApp offers you Whatsapp Cleaner functionality to clean unnecessary files, images, documents, videos, gifs, audios and more. This will free up local storage on your device. Clear your seat now!!!

Whats Web for Whatsapp web app also provides QR code scanner and QR code generator feature. With this tool, you can scan QR codes and create custom QR codes based on your needs.

Start a direct chat without saving a WhatsApp number by using WhatsApp web app’s direct chat feature.

Key Features of Whats Web for WhatsApp Web App:
WhatsApp Web Scan: WhatsApp Web for WhatsApp Scan
Save WhatsApp status and videos.
Chat directly with any number without saving the number.
WhatsApp cleaner tool to free up disk space
QR code scanner and QR code generator

Whatsweb web app for whatsapp is the best whatsweb pro and whatscan pro app for whatsapp 2. Enjoy using the same whatsapp account on two devices at the same time from different locations. Manage the same WA account from different devices to increase productivity and usability for your work purposes. This Whatsweb Scan app also allows you to run multiple WA accounts on the same mobile phone.

It is the best WhatsApp web scanner with all features including WhatsApp web scanner.

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Disclaimer: Whats Web for Whatsapp web app does not collect any personal or private information. This is an independent app and is not affiliated with any third party including Whatsapp Inc. We respect the privacy of the app users


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