BLA Rising Revolts Against the Pakistani Government!


Balochistan is well-equipped with natural resources but unfortunately, the region has been facing severe humanitarian crises for a long time. Due to its geostrategic importance and array of resources, the region is the center of international attention.

Some anti-national elements are trying to separate this region and wage a violent armed struggle against Pakistan and its armed forces for many decades. Balochistan Liberation Army is one of those insurgent groups and they justify their brutal acts against Pakistan by claiming it as the self-determination of the Baloch nation.

What is the Balochistan Liberation Army?

BLA terrorist

Afghanistan-based terrorist group Balochistan Liberation Army is recognized as one of the oldest insurgency groups operating in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. It is declared a terrorist organization by Pakistan,  the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The main objective of this group is the separation of Balochistan from Pakistan. Whilst they support the Baloch nationalism movement as their ideology. The main motive of this movement is that the Baloch people are a distinct nation. Moreover, the main group members of this terrorist organization belong to Mari, Bugti, and Mengal clans.

Some reports revealed that the group had led by Balach Marri from 2000 until he was killed in 2007. Since 2007  Hyrbyair Marri, brother of the deceased Balach has been operating the group. However, in an interview in 2015 Hyrbyair had denied his contacts with the BLA.

BLA: The mastermind of numerous deadly attacks

Since 2004, the Balochistan Liberation Army has been targeting Pakistan armed forces along with other civilians. However, the list of several attacks, responsibilities of which took by BLA are as follows:

BLA terrorist

1. In December 2005, six rockets launched at a parliamentary camp in Kohlu district of Balochistan.

2. In June and July 2009, the terrorist organization killed a teacher named Anwar Baig in Kalat. In addition, BLA kidnapped abducted police in Sui and shot dead one of them.

3. In 2011, few civilian laborers and a Baloch politician Naseer Mengal was killed. While BLA took the responsibility for the attack on security officials in Northern Musakhel district.

4. In 2012, The BLA claimed the credit for the murder of Muzafar Hussain Jamali, a principle of Kharan’s private school. Besides, in the same year, they also killed one doctor and a few coal miners.

5. In August 2013, BLA militants in a disguised of security personnel assassinated passengers of a bus near Machh Town. Later in August the terrorist organization attacked Jaffer Express.

6. In November 2014, Commander Ali Sher of the United Baloch Army (UBA) shot dead in an attack carried by BLA.

7. In 2017, the terrorist group killed 10 laborers in Gwadar in response to the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor.

8. In November 2018, BLA Killed four Chinese Consulate in Karachi. Later the mastermind of this assassination Aslam Baloch Achu was killed in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

9. In May 2019, BLA attacked the Zaver Pearl-Continental Hotel of Gwadar.

Meanwhile, the historical residence of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah in Ziarat, Quetta was also destroyed by Balochistan Liberation Army. The terrorist organization attacked the historic building in 2013 and removed the flag of Pakistan and replaced it with the flag of BLA.

The recent terrorist attack on PSX Karachi

The recent attack on Pakistan Stocks Exchange was carried out by BLA. According to some senior counter terrorism experts, this terrorist attack was funded by RAW.

Involvment of India & Afghanistan

Indian newspaper, The Hindu reported that militants of BLA were medically treated in hospitals of India. Bla militants use to disguise or fake identities to do so. Furthermore, The Tribune also reported that Aslam Baloch sought treatment in the Max hospital of Dehli. India reportedly has provided financial funding and weapons to this terrorist group.

Afghanistan has accepted that it is providing help to this group. Afghan officials stated that Aslam Baloch and other terrorist were residing in Kandhar, Afghainistan.

Meanwhile, Baloch separatists’ groups demand greater control of the province. Besides, they also want political autonomy. The Baloch nationalists believe that the government of Pakistan is ignorant towards them and they were more economically marginalized. Terror organizations like Balochistan Liberation Army,  Lashkar-e-Balochistan, and the Balochistan Liberation Front are taking advantage of this situation and they are using Baloch people for their terrorist activities in the name of the so-called self-determination of the Baloch nation.

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Why BLA is slandering Pakistan Army?

In the past two decades, several young Baloch students have been disappearing and killing. Whilst the Balochistan Liberation Army and other separatists’ groups blame Pakistan armed forces for this humanitarian crisis and portraying a negative image of Pakistan. Even though in some cases it was revealed that the missing suspect belongs to their organization.

Previously a Baloch student named Shahdad Mumtaz went missing in 2015. Whilst after a few months he was returned to his home. Point to ponder that in May 2020 he was killed in an operation against Pakistan military. Later Balochistan liberation Army declared him as a member of their organization.

Pak Army

Subsequently, on 13 August 2020, Hayat Baloch a 25 years old student of Karachi University was shot dead by frontier crops. The deceased was the resident of  Turbat in Pakistan. According to reports, on the same day when Hayat Baloch was murdered, the personnel of Pakistan security forces attacked by an IED explosion while passing by the Aapsar area. However, the farm of Hayat Baloch was adjacent to the blast site. Some reports revealed that the corps accused him of plaining the IED explosion. Moreover, what happened in the case of  Shahdad Mumtaz must be considered here before making any judgments against the Pakistan army. Who bravely fights for the sake of the Pakistani nation without any discrimination. Whilst it could be possible that the deceased student Hayat Baloch was innocent.

Furthermore, it seems the Balochistan Liberation Army has been defaming the Pakistan army because it was the biggest obstacle to their terrorist operation against Pakistan. Whilst due to several incidents that took place in the Past there is a possibility that such terror organizations are working with the collaboration of neighboring country India. However, the Pakistani government must solve these crises in Balochistan by political agreements with Baloch nationalists. So that no one can take advantage of this situation among the Baloch nation and Pakistan and would harm the country.

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