Chair yoga for seniors apk

Chair yoga for seniors apk free download

Chair yoga for seniors apk

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Welcome to the Yoga Chair for the Elderly

Application features:
Update app content online.

The small size of the application, does not take up much space on your Android device.
Contains the latest yoga exercises for adults.

Chair yoga is a great way for seniors to reap the wonderful health benefits of yoga. Sitting means that even older, frail or flexible adults can exercise safely.

Elderly Yoga Chair Contents:
Yoga chair for the elderly
Elderly yoga chair
Printable yoga chair for seniors

10 minute yoga chair for seniors
Yoga chair for adults youtube
YouTube chair yoga exercises for seniors.

If you are interested in yoga then this app is for you where you will find chair yoga series for seniors.
Yoga chair for limited mobility

With its safe and gentle strategy, chair yoga offers a number of poses that are ideal for people with limited mobility.

Yoga allows older men to experience the many benefits of a risk-free active lifestyle.

Download this app and learn more about yoga chairs for the elderly.

It is an ideal type of yoga for the elderly as it is soft and easily accessible for all chair yoga for the elderly.

Chair yoga is a great way for seniors to reap the wonderful health benefits of yoga.

Sitting means that even the weak or inflexible elderly can safely do yoga for the elderly sitting in the chair.

1.stretch over your head

Start in a seated position, with your arms at your sides. Take long, deep breaths and slowly stretch your arms toward the ceiling.

Hold this position for a moment and bring your arms back down on a long exhale.

As you do this exercise, make sure your core is tight and your back is as straight as possible.

2. Neck lift

Sit up straight in your chair and don’t let your back touch the back of the chair.

Slowly stretch your neck up until you feel the crown of your head rise toward the ceiling.

Hold the base of the chair with your right hand and slowly push your left hand up to stabilize your left temple.

Take a deep breath, and as you exhale,

gently tilt your left ear toward your left shoulder without arching your back or raising your right shoulder. In this position,

slowly breathe in and out several times before switching this stretch to the other side.

3. Reverse Arm Grip

Chair yoga for seniors apk

In this sitting position, start with your back straight and away from the back of the chair.

As you breathe in deeply, extend your arms straight out to your sides at a low, wide angle.

Exhale slowly and stretch your hands behind your back with your elbows slightly bent.

Arch your back slightly to feel the stretch in your shoulders and breathe in and out several times.

4.eagle weapons

Sit upright in your chair with your arms straight in front of you.

Cross your left arm over your right arm and bend your elbows to bring your forearms together.

Interlace your fingers and raise your elbows slightly, arching your back slightly. Hold this position for several deep breaths.

When you’re done, move your right arm over your left arm.

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5. Warrior’s Chair

Start this pose facing forward with your arms wide and low at your side,

or with one leg above a chair and your torso turned forward (if you are flexible enough for this pose).

Take a deep breath and slowly raise your arms above your head. Hold this position for several breaths before lowering your arms to your sides.

Once you begin this pose with your leg resting on top of the chair, switch to the other leg on top of the chair and perform this pose again.

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6. Cow cat stretch

Sit on the edge of a chair with your back as straight as possible and working your core muscles.

Inhale and gently arch your back as far as is comfortable for the “cow” part of the stretch and hold this position for three to five breaths.

Then return your back to its original position and reverse the stretch to the “cat” position.

Your shoulders are located just above your hips, but your back is arched in a forward arc.

Hold this position for several breaths before returning to your original sitting position.

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