How to Check Zong Number – Without Balance in 2022

how to check zong number

Zong is one of the leading telecom companies operating in Pakistan. It has gained a reputation for being one of the successful service providers for internet and mobile services. People mostly use it for social bundles and offers, which makes it their secondary network. Due to not actively using the number for calls and SMS, they often forget their number.

Therefore, among Zong users, it is one of the most asked questions on how to check Zong number if the user doesn’t remember it. Is there any code or process through which we can quickly know our number? Determining the number is not as complicated as most people assume.

If you are using a Zong number, it is easy to find your number without any balance. We have collected some valuable methods for you through which you can get access to your forgotten number. Do not worry; these are the simplest methods that are 100% working and valid.

Methods to Check the Zong Number

Here are the methods that you can use to check the Zong number on your mobile:

Method 1: By Dialing *8#

check zong number using code

It is a free code dialing method through which you can know your Zong number. It is most straightforward than other methods. You have to dial it in your phone’s dialer and wait for a second. Here are the details:

  • Open the phone dialer on your phone and dial *8#. It will cost you nothing, and you will know your Zong number.

Method 2: By Dialing *100#

check zong number using USSD

It is also a code by which you can find your Zong number easily. It is the same method as above, except for a code change. Only you have to dial it and wait for a second. Your required code is given below:

  • Dial *100# in your dialer, and your Zong number will appear on your screen.

Method 3: By Sending SMS

check zong number using sms

In this method, you send a message to a Specific Code number and then wait for seconds or minutes. Then you get your required information. Follow the given step:

  • Open your SMS App and type “MNP.” Send it to 667, and the service provider will send you the code.

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Method 4: By Calling Service Center

check zong number using call

In this method, you must call Zong Help Line and ask them about your forgotten phone number. The service center representative will inquire a few questions, including your CNIC information, and then forward the request. You only have to call your 310 and ask the representative on the call about your forgotten Zong number.

Method 5: By Using CNIC

If you have registered your Zong sim in your name, it is much easier to find your number using your CNIC. The method through which you can use your CNIC. You only have to visit PTA official site on which you can enter your CNIC, and you will get all the information about your number and all the numbers registered in your name. Through this, you can easily find all information about your all numbers.

Method 6: By Using My Zong App

If you have the My Zong App installed on your smartphone, you can easily find the number you have forgotten. Installing and using the App is not challenging as it only requires you to visit Play Store or App Store and install the My Zong App. Once inside the App, you can easily find the number on the application’s main interface.

Final Words

Zong has launched many methods like CNIC method, codes, and SMS methods just for you to find your forgotten number. We have presented some of them which are simple and easy for you. Besides, these methods are either free or low-cost, making them suitable for everyone.

I hope this article will help all those searching for help to remember their Zong number. These were the most straightforward methods that we have shared with you. These will help you to find your Zong number within seconds. You can use them if you want to know all information about your number.

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