How To Get a Blue Check on Instagram – Easy Method Explained

how to get a blue check on instagram

Instagram has expanded to a great extent over the past few years in many ways. Multiple content creators are working hard to gain fame and be known as successful people. There are multiple methods of gaining fame and succeeding in whatever you are doing. One of the methods is to have a verified Instagram account where you post your products, retail, and other forms of business.

If you have a verified Instagram account, you have great opportunities for the success of your business, and more people will approach you. This blue tick will tell people that what you are doing is verified by the Instagram authority and that you are doing something valid. People are frustrated due to multiple scam companies and businesses; they try to find valid and verified people and businesses to trust.

This article is for you if you are a successful person, an influencer, or a business person who wants to attract and engage an audience toward their account. This article contains multiple methods of gaining a blue check Instagram, so stay tuned!

What Does a Blue Check on Instagram Mean?

A blue check on Instagram appears next to your account name, and whenever someone searches your name, this blue check will appear next to you. This blue check will let everyone know that yours is an authentic, verified account, and people can reach you through this account.

Instagram blue check, also called Instagram verified sticker, makes you verified by Instagram terms and policies. This blue Instagram verified symbol indicates that this is your only official profile, which helps reduce confusion between a natural person and a fake account or a fan page pretending to be you.

An Instagram blue badge is mainly for celebrities and public figures who are influential and famous, and renowned global brands. When a person submits a request for a blue check on Instagram, that person comes across many manual tests and monitoring by Instagram itself.

Before 2018, there was no blue check on Instagram; in 2018, Instagram launched this feature. Before this, many people were impersonating to be someone else. Instagram only allows a blue check to people who are representing renowned brands or influencing a bunch of people who are their followers.

Instagram has a policy that ensures that its users are experiencing accurate and authentic brands and there are no scams to make fool people. If a famous; can be actor or actress on Instagram, there is a possibility that there can be hundreds of other profiles with their name on the internet. Instagram introduced blue checks to reduce this impersonation. So, the celebrity or a business will have a single official account, and people can easily distinguish between them.

Eligibility Criteria to Have a Blue Check on Instagram

Instagram uses a simple criterion to become eligible and has a blue check; there are some conditions you must possess to be considered eligible. There is a list of those conditions given in detail;

The Account Must Be Public

If you want to be eligible to get a blue check on Instagram and want Instagram to consider you for verification, you should have a public account. This badge is only entitled to public profiles; you cannot have this badge if you have a private account.

If you get this badge and shift towards a private account, you will get a notification from Instagram to become public again. Otherwise, your blue check will go out after several days. You can make your account public by going to the settings and then changing your profile type through privacy.

The Account Must be Authentic

Your account must be authentic whether you are a business entity or a person. If you have a profile with a celebrity name, you will not get a blue check because Instagram has several methods to see if you are authentic. In this case, you should have those authentic products to offer to people, and you should be registered.

The Account Must be Active

Completing an account requires a profile picture, a proper name, a bio, and 1 single post at least for Instagram to know that you are using it actively. Active users are likely to gain a blue check. Instagram checks your daily activity and decides whether you are eligible for the blue tick.

The Account Must be Different from Regular Accounts

Instagram allows one person or brand to have a logo; if you have more than one business, you cannot have a blue check on all of them. You will have to choose among all those accounts and one gain verification symbol among them.

If you have a language-specific account, you are more likely to gain blue checks on multiple accounts, but if you have a fan account, feature account, and other regular meme accounts, you will not gain the blue batch.

The Account Must Belong to A Famous Person or Brand

Instagram also checks how many times people have searched for your account. How many times you have engaged people in your content, and for how long. Your account must be highly searched and appreciated to gain a blue check. You should also follow the term and conditions and community guidelines of Instagram to get a blue check.

Provide Valid and True Information

When you request a badge, the information you have in your profile must be authentic. If your information becomes false or misleading during the verification process on Instagram, it will suspend your blue badge.

This suspension can also lead to the deletion of your account. Always use your real name and accurate account category; business checks on business accounts and influencer or celebrity checks on their respective boxes. Use all your accurate documentation and pictures to prove your identity.

How to Get Instagram Verification?

how to get verified on instagram

If you have checked all the boxes to become eligible to gain a blue check, you can request the blue check on Instagram. There are some steps you need to follow step by step to gain a blue check on Instagram;

Log Into Your Account

Download the mobile version of the Instagram app if you don’t have one. Now add your username and password to log in. if you have more than one Instagram account, choose one you want to verify and then log into that one.

Add Verification Request

After logging into your Instagram account, click on the top right corner and open the settings. Scroll down on settings and click on accounts. Scroll down again and select the request verification item. Now, Instagram will provide you with a form to fill out.

Fill in the Request Verification Form

The request form will have three separate portions to fill;

      i.         Confirm Authenticity

This section will require your full name, which must be legal and in all your official documentation, such as your government-issued ID. Then you will provide a picture of your national identity card or any other official identification document that will prove your nationality and identity.

This document can be a passport, driver’s license, or national ID card. You will add this information if you are a person, but if you are running a business, upload your utility bill with your company’s name or a tax return statement. Make sure your company’s name in the document matches your legal name.

    ii.         Confirm Notability

In this section, you will see various categories and sections describing the category of your interest and the content you will be uploading on that account. There you will see categories such as; news/media, music, fashion, gamer, global business, blogger, sports influencer, public or private organization, brand, educational institution entertainment, and many others.

After selecting your category, you need to decide your country or religion, where you are working, or where you are most favorite. The audience of that country will see your content, and you will get follow request.

Here, you will have an optional entry where you can add a text in which you will describe yourself to the audience, and you can also share nicknames or any name other than the legal name you want people to call you.

   iii.         Enter Links

After this, you will get to put links to your articles or other work; this is an optional entry. If you have the links, you can add them to Instagram to verify your account. These links might be optional, but if you fill them out, they can support your application. But you cannot add paid promotions or other paid content in that link option. You can add new articles and other accounts in that option to become a strong candidate to consider.

   iv.         Send And Submit the Application to Instagram

After you have submitted your request, wait for a few days for the response on Instagram. Instagram will let you know if you can get the Instagram verification symbol. Instagram will send your profile to a screening process to ensure eligibility. This whole process can take some days.

You may have checked all the eligibility criteria, but still, your application does not approve; in this way, you can apply again but not lose hope after the first try. After detecting your mistake and analyzing them after taking some time to improve your profile seriously, you can apply again for verification after 30 days of the first attempt.

You can ask other people with Instagram verification badges how to get verified on Instagram to gain the advice of experienced people. In this way, they will help you improve better and faster.

What are the advantages of blue-checked Instagram?

Now you know how to get verified on Instagram and how you should request a blue check on Instagram, here are several benefits you can get from Instagram. Getting verified on Instagram gives you much more than bragging and boasting about being a verified member of the Instagram community. There are many positive effects on your marketing strategy and other purposes you are using Instagram for.

Giving Access to Share Link

Getting verified on Instagram will give you access to share and add links to your Instagram stories; everyone cannot avail of this feature. You can add links to your stories if you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. If you have a verified account, you can add links to your stories even if you don’t have this number of followers.

Increasing Attention in People

You will become more noticeable and help in increasing attention. You can become a spokesperson for some companies and enhance their business by promoting their products. If you have a verified Instagram account, you can attract and increase the attention of several people towards you.

Building Trust

You can build trust with the help of verification on Instagram; this blue check lets your followers know that you are real, and they know if you are selling a product, you must be accurate, and they can be sure that they will not get scammed again. Building trust becomes easy with this blue check.

Creating Awareness

It helps create awareness among people about you; you can stand alone in a crowd because you have a verified account and vice versa. You can increase people’s awareness if you have a large audience listening to you through your profile.

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Mistakes People Make to Verify Instagram Account

There are many manual tests and standards to verify an Instagram account. Instagram has a set of rules and regulations for everyone who wants a verified Instagram account. But there are several mistakes that people make during this Instagram verification process, including;

Don’t Provide Misleading Information

When you write a verification requesting form on Instagram, ensure the information you give is entirely authentic and matches the legal data and record you provide. When filling out the request form, you should be honest, accurate, and truthful.

While uploading documents, make sure they are genuine and accurate. Suppose Instagram has a slight doubt about your identity and authenticity. In that case, your request will be canceled along with the deletion of your Instagram account, no matter the number of followers you have.

Don’t Use Third-Party Services for Requesting Verification

Many people and Instagram profiles use third-party services to request verification or sell their verification to others on their behalf. People or businesses who are eligible to request an Instagram account of their request or demand to buy Instagram accounts of others to gain popularity.

Don’t Buy Followers and Likes on Instagram

Do not buy followers and likes to your profile to increase engagement and activity. Many people on Instagram demand money to provide followers and likes to your account. You can increase your followers and likes this way, but Instagram is all genius to find the connections between a sudden increase in your regular followers and likes.

Usually, these people have fake accounts working in many offices. These fake accounts follow and like accounts in exchange for money; Instagram has a unique feature to detect these fake accounts,

Don’t Add Links in Your Instagram Account About Other Social Media Channels

You are supposed to add other profile links for their promotion and ask your follower to add or follow these links. Instagram will not approve your request if you ask your follower to follow or like other people by adding their profile links to your story.

Don’t Break Instagram Rules and Regulations

You get a verification symbol when you agree to the terms and conditions on Instagram. There is a set of rules given to you; if you get a verification badge and don’t follow these rules and regulations, your account verification badge will be suspended, and you won’t get it back again. Using your profile to sell a badge, profile picture, and bio to the Instagram market is a significant violation of Instagram.


There are many perks of having a blue check on Instagram. Getting Instagram verification helps you increase your chances of approval and boost your business. You can take benefit of several benefits listed above and learn about the eligibility criteria necessary before applying for the request.

It is also possible that even if you meet all the eligibility criteria given above and still don’t get the verification badge. Once you get a verified account, you cannot change your account setting, such as username, category of influence, etc.

Blue check undoubtedly gives you several benefits, but it is not for everyone. You can still make engaging content and influence the audience with high-quality products without a blue check. Many tools in Instagram help better understand the process of becoming verified on Instagram.

These tools include Instagram automation tools and social listening. Instagram follows a process to select your account for blue-check; if you get one, be happy, and if not, don’t mind and try next time. Good Luck!

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