Sulaiman Isa Khan Age, Family, Political Career, and Biography

Sulaiman Isa Khan is the firstborn of cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and his wife, Jemima Goldsmith. He was born on 19th November 1996. Sulaiman Isa Khan has a younger brother Qasim Khan. Sulaiman and Qasim lived in Pakistan a few years after their birth. They got their early education from Lahore before moving to London with their mother after their parents’ divorce in 2004.

Sulaiman Isa Khan’s Father

Sulaiman Khan’s father, Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, has been an international cricketer for over 20 years and became extremely popular in his cricket career. After retiring from the cricket world, he showed his interest in politics. He is now considered one of the country’s most influential and famous personalities.

He did some philanthropic work by opening Namal college and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center. Sulaiman’s father has married thrice at different times in his life. The first marriage was with Sulaiman’s mother in 1995; the second marriage was with journalist Reham Khan in 2014. He got married for the third time to Bushra Maneka in 2018.

imran khan and sulaiman isa khan

Sulaiman Isa Khan’s Mother

Sulaiman Isa Khan’s mother, Jemima Marcelle Goldsmith, is a British social activist, journalist, socialite, film producer, and campaigner. Jemima has also worked as a screenwriter and television documentary producer. She has been a philanthropist and did many fundraising projects for Shaukat Khanum with his ex-husband Imran Khan before the divorce.

Jemima Marcelle Goldsmith married Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi in 1994; after 2 years of marriage, they held their first baby boy Sulaiman Isa Khan. Jemima also said in the media that she converted to Islam a few months before marriage.

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Sulaiman Isa Khan’s extended family

Sulaiman Khan has several aunts from the paternal side, including; Rubina Khanum, Uzma Khanum, Rani Khanum, and Aleema Khanum. His maternal aunts are India Jane Birley, Isabel Goldsmith, and Charlotte Goldsmith.

According to the latest sources, it is clear that Sulaiman Isa Khan is indeed taking politics as a permanent career. Media in the UK thoroughly covered his electoral campaign for the youth wing with his uncle in 2016.

Education and Political Career

There is no detailed information about the education of Sulaiman Isa Khan, but he indeed takes an interest in politics like his father and mother. Sulaiman is following his Uncle Zac Goldsmith’s footprints in politics as he passionately took part in Zac’s campaign strategies as a conservative party candidate for the post of London Mayor in 2016. The campaign was against a Labour party candidate, Sadiq Khan.

sulaiman isa khan and qasim

Hobbies and Interests

Media called Sulaiman Isa Khan, a charming young and intelligent boy who has a vision and a dream to change people’s lives in the future and to serve humanity in the best way possible. He also participates with his mother in many social activities. Hobbies of Sulaiman Khan include reading books, watching cinema, playing cricket, and enjoying meals with his family and friends.

Sulaiman Isa Khan’s social media accounts

Sulaiman Isa Khan is not interested in handling any social media accounts as he does not have any official social media accounts. There are a few unofficial accounts of Sulaiman Khan running on his name by some fans and followers. These unofficial accounts once posted Sulaiman’s Pictures being him, but Jemima Goldsmith stated, “This is also a fake account. Please report. My children are not on social media. Thank GOD.”

imran khan son sulaiman isa khan


Sulaiman Isa Khan got featured in a London newspaper after his latest involvement in politics. The newspaper said that Sulaiman is an educated, hard-working, polite, intelligent, and charming boy who hopes to do something in politics. After his parents’ separation, his father visited him and his brother every fortnight.

Sulaiman Khan got Pakistani media attention when he and his brother did not participate in his father’s oath-taking ceremony in Pakistan. Afterward, his father explained he did not want to. After his father took charge as the 22nd Prime minister of Pakistan, Sulaiman and his brother Qasim visited him and stayed at Bani Gala for 4 days.

Sulaiman Khan and Qasim Khan visit their father frequently in Pakistan during their vacations. Sulaiman Khan is following politics and taking part in the political changes in London, where he resides, and he plans on taking politics as a vocation.

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