What is 4px shipping?

4px shipping

4PX Express Co., Ltd. is a logistics and package delivery solutions firm founded in 2004 with the goal of becoming China’s largest supplier of cross-border e-commerce services. It primarily focuses on worldwide express delivery, freight forwarding, and international trading solutions, such as e-procurement, material handling, inventory control, delivery of products, and international logistics.

4PX collaborates with retailers from e-commerce platforms and marketplaces to assist them to find shipping solutions, and it is one of the industry giants with over 20,000 firms using it. 4PX now has approximately 2,000 employees in 50 sites around the world, with big investors such as the Singapore Post. With the goal of being China’s go-to for all eCommerce solutions, across the border, the company has been expanding its offerings outside logistics to also include software and consulting activities within the logistics sector. 4PX intends to accomplish this by bringing together worldwide carriers and shipping businesses, as well as empowering international trade, particularly in eCommerce.

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How long does 4px shipping take from China to USA?

Because of the complexity of 4XP’s shipping options, the logistics firm collaborates with several worldwide parcel delivery companies, including Aramex, FedEx, and TNT, to provide worldwide shipping capabilities for your package. As a result, it has grown into a major participant in the package forwarding sector.

Assume that you wish to send a package from China to the United States of America. 4PX can now easily assist you with this. The shipment time for your 4PX delivery will vary based on the destination, shape, and size of your item, as well as how the parcel will be processed once it arrives in its target country. However, for normal 4PX package delivery choices, the estimated delivery timeframes for popular destination areas are as follows:

The United States, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, Russia, Portugal, Morocco, South Korea, Denmark, the Netherlands, and France require 12 to 25 days on average. They’ve opened a company savings account in Hong Kong with one of the world’s largest banks, allowing them to collect customer payments easily and quickly.

Most consumers can easily transfer funds to the 4PX bank account from a variety of banks in their home countries. They also accept a variety of payment methods from their customers, including PayPal which makes the entire process of sending a parcel from China to the USA a breeze.

Process of Sending Parcels

4px shipping
4px shipping

You can self-deliver your goods to any 4PX store or distribution location. Alternatively, you can phone them for complimentary pick-up in Shenzhen; they will bill you appropriately for pick-up in other locations, which are also listed on their website.

Before delivering your package through 4PX, there are a few things to keep in mind. Before shipping, prepare and write the inbound forecast. Each product should have its unique barcode prior to incoming. For easy shipping from China to the United States, the Customer ID, warehouse specifications, and carton numbers must be properly documented on the outside of the package.

Contact Details

You can email 4PX at tousu@4px.com.  You can also call 86-755-23508000 if you need to reach the Shenzhen warehouse or also +61 (3) 9416 8777 if you need to reach the warehouse located in Melbourne in Australia.

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