How to join ISI?

How to join ISI

It often comes to mind of all Pakistanis “how to join ISI” to serve the nation. Here you will find all the information you need to know about ISI and the process to join it.

Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI):

Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is Pakistan’s first and the most powerful intelligence agency. It was established on 1st January 1948. Its purpose is to gather, process, and research data relevant to the national integrity and security of Pakistan. The data is collected from within and all around Pakistan.

Most powerful intelligence agency:

ISI is usually considered the most powerful intelligence agency in the world. The reason for this is the previous record of Pakistan. ISI not only failed the evil plans of Pakistan’s enemies but also damage made long-term planning to secure the interests of Pakistan in long term. ISI fought against strong enemies like Mossad, CIA, and RAW, which earned it a prominent name in the list of intelligence agencies.

Size of ISI:

The number of members of ISI is not publically known. But according to some estimates, the network of ISI consists of almost ten thousand members. According to some experts, ISI is also one of the largest intelligence agencies in Pakistan.

How to join ISI?

If you want to join ISI, you must know these things. There are two types of jobs that any Pakistani can join. The first type is administrative jobs.

Just like any other agency ISI also need staff to complete its daily administrative processes. For this purpose, many people are hired.

The second type of Jobs: These jobs are for the people who would have to deal and work on the intelligence data. The members of ISI mainly consist of officers from the army, navy, and air force. It is the reason its name is an “inter-service” intelligence agency. There are two ways to join ISI i.e a direct and an indirect way.

The indirect way to join ISI:

If you want to join ISI through the indirect way, you have to join the army as a commissioned officer after Fsc/Fa or as a non-commissioned officer after matric.

You just have to become part of the army. After joining you will have to apply to join ISI.

You will be sent to ISI school where you will get training. Then you will be deployed in the field.

The Direct way to join ISI:

The direct way to join ISI is by clearing the exam of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). FPSC announces the vacancies if there are vacant posts in ISI.

According to some sources, an advertisement is issued in the newspaper. The exam is taken usually tests the creativity, problem-solving skills, and general knowledge of the candidate.

After passing the test, the candidate has to give a psychology test. The kind of questions included in this test is image drawing test, completion of sentences, and others.

Candidates appear in the final interview after passing the psychological test.

There are 3 chances given to all candidates to join ISI.

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