Windows 11 new updates feature

Windows 11 new updates feature for everyone

This version, called Windows 11 2022 Update, is being rolled out to more than 190 countries. I

In this Microsoft operating system, the Start Menu and File Explorer have been updated while several new features have also been introduced.

Devices running the Windows 11 operating system will be able to update to this version in October by going to the Windows Update settings screen. I

The most notable change in the Windows 11 2022 update is the user interface and updated Start Menu.

The start menu has a folders feature and apps can be grouped there.

According to the company, it will now be possible to search faster in the Start menu while files can be pinned in the File Explorer.

The widget board has also been improved, while the Photos app has also been updated to save photos to OneDrive more easily.

users will also be able to copy phone numbers to make calls in Microsoft Teams easier.

Similarly, the new text-to-speech feature will make it possible to listen to every file on the device, while the Live Captions feature will make it possible to transcribe people’s conversations through a microphone.

Security has also been improved through Smart App Control in the new version of Windows 11.

So is Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Users from signing into hacked websites

will stop

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  • According to Microsoft, more than 20,000 Android apps and games will be available on Windows 11 after the new update.

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