Afghanistan Conflict and Fall of Kabul


The afghan Conflict started when USSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979. The United States sought help from Muslim World. The US sparked the theological term (جہاد) struggle in the Arab League and other muslims.

In 1988, Osama Bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam created a militant group named Al-Qaeda based on Pan-Islamism, Anti-zionism, Anti-communism and pure Salafist Jihadisim. Soon after victory from the Soviets, Mujahidden led by Osama Bin laden controlled the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan founded in 1996.

The United States of America didn’t want to see another Islamic State based on Islamic Principles AKA Khilafah which they ended after the world war 1.

US and Allies knew that if they couldn’t stop them now then it might be possible this State can reform as Osman or Abbasid Dynasty.

US war on terror:

How the USA spread falsehood About Some People for its own gains

On behalf of 9/11 where already another incident happened in 93′. Same Guy who led Troops for that USA who were after Soviets USA killed thousands of thousands of innocent people just for 3000 people.

JSA being a Superpower promoted Peace on paper same as the UN has done for Palestine

In reality sells fighting troops, weapons these are his main source of revenue.

Fall of Kabul:

Fall of Kabul is the day when president of Islamic republic of Afghaistan, Ashraf Ghani ran away from his country to United arab emirates without any resistance. And Kabul and all people of Afghanistan fell in the hands of Talibans. The transfer of power was so smooth that it surprised everyone.

President Ghani faced a lot of backlash from his country fellow for showing cowardness. Even the brother of president ashraf ghani called his brother a corrupt politician and traitor.

According to Russian embassy, President Ghani fled with four cars and one helicopter full of cash. This has stuned people of Afghanistan even more.

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